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Sharmeen Foods (Pvt) Ltd, is duly registered with SECP as Private Limited Company. The primary business of the company is processing, packing and export of Pakistan Origin Dates.

We have built a modern plant at Thehri district Khairpur Pakistan with a total covered area exceeding 35,000 sq. feet. This plant is equipped with state of the art technology procured from world's renowned supplier which includes washing line, dryers, dicing machine, vacuum packing facilities, Metal Detectors etc. All our working equipments including sorting stations, benches for workers, conveyor belts are made of food grade Stainless Steel.

By the Grace of Almighty, we have maintained the sales growth of 25% per annum since the formation of the company and last year our total exports of dates were in excess of our targeted value.

Our major markets are USA, Europe and Germany where we have well established customers database to whom we are regularly exporting our products. The Netherlands and UK are the major markets for dates in European Union where we sell about 30 to 35% of our total production.

We are one of the largest exporters of dates from Pakistan and are maintaining our position since last several years in a row. This was achieved with the hard work, honesty and quality of our product.

Our Facility

Our newest facility is located in Theri, in the province of Sindh, which is the heart of date trading and processing in Pakistan. Quality control runs high, as we are HACP and ISO 22000 certified by Moody's International. Our facility has a complete stainless steel washing and drying line.


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Sharmeen Foods (Pvt) Ltd

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